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Men’s suits are all about details. And there’s no better component to illustrate this fact than the buttons. What your buttons are made of is relatively important, but it’s also a budget consideration. mens formal suits More relevant to this article is how many buttons you have on your suit. Most men will have a one, two, or three-button suit in their wardrobe. Ideally, one of each. Leaving the bottom button open is one of them. Most suits are cut to be worn with the last button undone. A fastened bottom button will spoil the silhouette and could make you look like a fashion failure. Your suit’s design also dictates that you should only button the jacket when you’re standing up. That will create the best shape, drape, and look. When you’re sitting down, however, it’s time to unbutton. Keeping your jacket buttons fastened when you’re sitting down can cause unsightly tugging and pulling. Unbuttoning will relieve the stress on the jacket fabric. You can get away with one button

8 Reasons To Get Married

  In the past, almost everyone tied the knot, nowadays that is no longer so obvious.  After dating for a while, they got married and then living together came in handy.  Today, cohabitation without marrying each other is fully established and there are other options for properly arranging the business part.  Yet many women dream of a fairytale wedding with all the trimmings from an early age.  On the other hand, argue that marriage is no longer of this time.  We were asked what are good reasons to get married.  Sure, everyone likes to party and you might like to be the center of attention, but those aren't the main reasons.  But why?  On this page we have listed 8 reasons for you to get married.  Why get married? Why would you get married when you can also enter into a registered partnership with each other?  If we are to believe the figures from the CBS, registered partnership continues to increase in popularity compared to marriage.  But is that right?  That is of course differen

The short-sleeved shirt: that's how you wear it properly!

  Style tips for wearing short sleeve shirts. A short-sleeved shirt is often perceived as not being stylish. Men, this is not right! This garment can be worn in a very modern way and especially in tropical countries the short sleeve shirt is more the rule than the exception. How exactly do you wear this  mens shirts Dubai ? Discover it here! Maybe you have it in your closet, but you keep doubting whether you can put it on: the short-sleeved shirt. After reading our advice, you don't have to worry about anything anymore and wear the shirt with full conviction! Choose the right fit It is important that the short sleeve shirt fits well and nicely on your body. Where the older man can still get away with a classic fit, it is better for the younger man to go for a tailored fit. For example, opt for a slim fit shirt with short sleeves. The sleeves are neither too long nor too wide so that the sleeves fall nicely on your arm muscles. That way you are tough and dressed in one: a real macho

Ready for the holidays in 1 x: mix and match your suit

Are you planning an office day or dinner with the in-laws at the end of the year? Time to get your suit out of the closet again. After all, it's best to unpack a bit. Did you know that with a good mix and match suit you are ready for all occasions in one go? We show you how! 👇 MIX AND MATCH: CAN BE COMBINED TOGETHER OR SEPARATELY Of course we start with the mix and match suit for you. Not yet familiar with mix and match? It's actually very simple… You choose your jacket and trousers separately – instead of a set in one size. Also handy, because that way you will never again suffer from too long trouser legs or too short sleeves. Are you going for checkered trousers with a matching jacket or would you rather go for a multifunctional plain variant? You can make at least three outfits with one good mix & match suit. For example, wear your trousers loose on a turtleneck or your jacket over your jeans. Combining has never been so easy. MIX: COMBINE YOUR SUIT WITH A STYLISH TURT

7 Beautiful Wedding Kurta Designs For Groom

The wedding season is back with the latest trends for the grooms and his friends to get that stunning look you want. However, when it comes to a wedding or similar occasion, traditional clothing is a confusing part for men. If you are thinking the same way too, the days are gone when men were observed in similar wedding kurta designs. Best Kurta Designs For Wedding: Here is a completely new collection of wedding kurta for that cute ethnic touch to your look, 1. Sherwani Kurta Designs: With a straight cut, the sherwani kurta design comes with the simple and elegant style. This mens kurta is given a half collar with silver thread embroidery. In addition, the front and back also receive a similar patchwork. This is dark blue colored kurta which is useful to use in wedding ceremony. 2. Indo-Western Kurta Design: Indo-western designer Kurta for men wedding is quite popular for the grooms in other functions before marriage. The simple and plain kurta is enhanced with a waist-length gilet. T

Summer Style: 5 Linen Items For An Airy Wardrobe

The ' American dad look' has become an indispensable part of the fashion world. Yet there are limits. Okay, we can live with the baseball caps and white chunky sneakers, but an unkempt and too long linen shirt can be left out. You should embrace the fabric like a stylish Italian. Once you've done that, you'll never want to do it any other way. 5 linen items for an airy wardrobe Linen is a natural gift. The fabric naturally has a 'climate system' that provides you with ventilation at warm temperatures. Especially can complain about clothing when it is warmer than 30℃. Complaining is of no use, and the solution is simple: linen. Practically stylish For the practical men below, the material is ideal. There may be creases in it. That's part of the charms of linen. This is not a license to leave your shirt on the floor for four days and then put it back on. You must continue to take care of your items. Linen is very old, but still of today. It is made from flax,

Dress Code Summer Chic: This Is How You Stylishly Rock A Summer Outfit

If you think a light blue swimsuit, a pair of Adilettes and a dark blue Levi's logo T-shirt is stylish enough for summer, you're wrong. Especially in the summer you should dress yourself well. Because everyone knows; in the summer everyone is just that little bit happier and there is more love in the air. Then you don't want to be that guy who looks underdressed, do you ? That is why we give you inspiration for the summer chic dress code . If you follow these guidelines, you'll rock a great outfit this summer. Dress code: Summer Chic, shine on a summer day Dressing yourself well in the warm months of the year is no easy feat. In addition to wanting to look good in the summer, your clothes should also be practical. With the main goal to prevent liters of sweat. That is why it is vital that you choose the right fabrics. Because nobody wants to look like a bar owner who goes for a half hour run for the first time in his life. We selected inspiring outfits that make you wea